Development of Strategical Partnerships

In the course of the decades, we were able to establish flourishing business relationships in various countries. This enables us to assist you in establishing strategical partnerships.


Business Development

With decades of international experience in the field of tunnel and traffic engineering, we were able to collect extensive experience with different technological standards (RVS, RABT, BS, etc.) and contractual forms (DBM, DBFM, etc.). Therefore, we understand the product “tunnel and traffic engineering”.

Tunnel & Traffic Consulting offers valuable solutions for our customers:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the sales market
  • Development of different business models
  • Development of technical concepts (CapEx as well as OpEx)
  • Life cycle evaluations
  • Technology and innovation strategy
  • Development of operational concepts
  • Development of service and maintenance concepts
  • Tender management
  • Project management

Public Lighting


New illumination technologies with intelligent control save energy costs, enhance safety and comfort and improve the architectural appearance. We develop and build solutions with a genuine added value for customers and citizens. We rely on approved quality and take economical, societal, cultural and ecological factors into account.

Tunnel & Traffic Consulting offers:

  • Consulting
  • Development of concepts, professional demand analysis and project planning
  • Support in the tender phase
  • Profitability calculation
  • Recording on site, cost-benefit-analysis
  • Realisation
  • Operation management/ Support in settlements, budget plans and damage compensations
  • Service and maintenance


Our clients profit from long-term partnerships with renowned producers and suppliers, as well as from the practical experience of our employees due to various projects.



Tender management

  • Support and consulting in tender preparations
  • Support in the work with ÖNLV or GAEB compatible files (ÖNORM and VOB/VOL) possible
  • Elaboration of technical concepts
  • Risk analyses
  • Offer calculations
  • Price checks (price comparison list)
  • Value engineering in the course of tenders
  • Scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Interface management
  • Tender presentation
  • Attendance in tenderer meetings


Project Supervision and Operation

  • Project and construction management
  • Project controlling and monitoring
  • Construction process optimisation
  • Interface coordination
  • Scheduling and schedule tracking
  • Transferring tender calculations into work calculations
  • Work calculation
  • Implementation planning in the course of the approval procedure
  • Value engineering in the course of the project execution
  • Compensation management (MKF, ZA, NA, etc.)